How to fix iPhone 6S Cannot Boot?

Apple fans, at least once or another, will have to face the annoying problem of not powering the iphone after normal use. Or you may be facing this problem even when you are reading this article. If you are, lucky you!  Because you are in the right place to get a solution for how to fix your iphone after normal use does not boot.

It's not difficult to deal with the issue if iPhone cannot boot after normal use, firstly observe if the appearance is broken or deformed. Open the iPhone screen to check if there are the traces of water corrosion, battery resistance is normal, then power on and test with multimeter ( 2A am multimeter is recommended ) directly up voltage to 1.8A, it belongs to the symtom of high current.

Tear down all the accessories and starting with a single iPhone 6S motherboard, the result is the same, so you can be sure that the accessories or parts are ok. Before we fixed a lot of large current cell phone devices, power on and directly measure value, making sound is basically the components on VCC main power supply get problem, but the situation of current up to 1.8A is still relatively rare. After determining the measurement, we can confirm the problem is from VCC circuit, for big current device, you can use rosin with electric solder iron, apply rosin on the solder iron and work on VCC main circuit components, it will produce white smoke, power on again, you can see Q2300 charging switch tube quickly shine. The part is shown in picture 10-1-1.


This will make people think that the booting problem is caused by this parts, according to our experience, it's not caused here.

Two circuit power supply is shown in picture 10-1-2.


Because this component focuses on B+ and VCC power supply, so it's heating firstly, but it can be determined that it's not bad, for 6S 1.8V device, you can directly focus the problem on backlight part.  As shown in picture 10-1-3, the backlight part is easy to burn out. 


Open the iPhone CPU shield (setting spiral hot air gun 260 degrees can easily take off, avoid high temperature, so as to avoid CPU solder explosion), we find  the traces of components are burn out on the two backlight diode and C4023, it is best to pack first before processing elements near the CPU. As shown in picture 10-1-4.


Disassemble two diode and a capacitor and power on again is normal, deal with the solder pad with low temperature solder. you should be gentle when handling it since the pad is easy to fall off. Replacing the new components, reboot and test, every function is normal now.  As shown in picture 10-1-5.


Note: If the diode is installed in the reverse will appear large current phenomenon, after the replacement, you can test again by solder iron with rosin so that will be more intuitive to see whether it is installed, C4023 capacitor must be installed, otherwise it is easy to burn the iPhone backlight IC.

This iPhone 6S problem is solved after replacing two diodes and capacitor C4023. Some of the backlight IC and backlight inductance get yellow, which will be required to be replaced. 6S backlight parts are easy to be broken, and the components are all covered with glue. When you remove it, don't be impatient. It will be convenient for the following work after the glue is removed.

What Cell Phone Soldering tools do you need?

Soldering iron is an essential part of the phone repair process. If you have a good soldering skill, it can improve the performance and life of Cell Phone Motherboard. On the other hand, poor soldering skill lead to PCB failure broken. Maybe you will asked which soldering tools you will need?  or How to do soldering in a proper way? you can check as follows:

which soldering tools do you need?

Choose the suitable tools and consumables is the first step of a successful soldering operation. Here are the tools required for cell phone PCB maintenance.

Soldering Station - Try to get an  ESD Safe Soldering Station if you are a professional, such as QUICK 861DW, It's available for you to control the temperature and insert the soldering iron into the station. With soldering station, you will never worry about that the high temperature will damage components.

Soldering Iron - Try to buy a good quality ESD safety iron. A 50 Watt iron can weld any electronic component onto the PCB.

Solder Wick - It will help remove residuals on the PCB surface and the lead of the electronic component. This soldering assistant will help better soldering.

Other consumables may be required to dismantle the core, PCB Holder, conductive pen, magnetic pen, clean sponge and so on.

How to do soldering
1. Place the iron pen on the base of the handle. Make sure you don't touch the tip or metal part, because they're too hot.

2. Put the electronic components in the place you are easy to work. Apply some soldering flux.

3. Put the solder wire and the iron tip togetherwhere the component lead and the Copper Track of the PCB meets. Melt enough solder at the junction. Make sure there are no bridges.

4. Welding should be bright and good shape. If you use lead-free solder, then even if the welding is correct, the welding will not shine.

5. Don't touch the PCB track too long with hot iron. Once the solder is melted, remove the iron immediately.

How to do soldering in a proper way?

Use wet sponge to clean the iron head before and after the soldering iron.

put some soldering wire on the top of the soldering iron.  If the wire is melted immediately, it means that the iron is ready for welding.

Never touch the iron head or the iron head. The tip temperature may be as high as 500 degrees Celsius, it will lead to severe burns and injuries.

Always put a wet solder on the iron rack and clean the sponge.

When the welding is finished, clean the tip with a clean sponge and leave some solder at the tip. This prevents oxidation of the tip and prolongs its service life.

place the iron on the holder or bracket

Wash hands regularly after welding.

How to use 315mhz/433mhz remote control code grabber scanner

315mhz/433mhz Car key remote control Wireless Remote Key/Code Scanner Detect, receive, copy car remote control signals, then command the car as freely as the car'sowner, 315mhz/433mhz Remote Control Code Copier receives the signal sent by the fixed codeanti-theft system, save and copy the master's remote control signal Effective distance

315mhz/433mhz remote control code grabber scanner user manual

Function 1: (Scan/copy and save) receiption

1. Turn on the power. (the screen Display: Remote control Decode the tool)

2. Press any key on the remote control receiver. (Display the remote controlpassword)

3. By the host of the fifth key to save the password, you can save thirtyyards, more than thirty; it will automatically flush the code stored in thebeginning.

4. When press the sixth key, there is “*”, that means the device refuse acceptthe signal. And press the sixth key again, “*” disappear, and the device canaccept the signal again.

Function 2: Use as a remote control interfere-- transmit power

1. Press The first key and the second key together, display Remote co01001Decode the too S

2. Then Press the car Remote Control Code Detector key (the fifth key) to callthe saved password. What is the sequence you want to send out decided by thetimes of you press the fifth button (select the password by press the fifthbuton times, if you want select the first password ,you need press 1 time fifthbutton,and if you want select second password ,you need press 2 tmes fifthbutton,etc..)

3. And then press any key(first~fourth) to launches the password you selected.

If you want to change the launch password, you can set up it though the firstfour keys. After finished, you can press the fifth key to launch.

Function 3: Remote control code Detecting---Detector function

1. Press the fifth key of the Remote Control Code Detector one time, then thesecond key of theRemote Control Code coppier one time, finally the fifth key ofthe host one time. After doing that, it will start to scan. When scanning thepassword, it will open.

2 The fifth key of the Remote Control Code Detector is pause key. After thepause, you can freely to mobilize vibration resistance and address code.

3. The code condition it plays it as the following: two state code 0, 1. Threestates code 0,1,2. Three states code 0,1,2,3. 0, 1, 2, 3 representative for highlevel L, low level H and empty feet F.

which is the Essential Phone Repair Tools as we followed?

Phone Repair is very commom nowadays, it' really convenient for the immediate contact and daily consumption with our phones. if you are a DIY phone fix hobbyist, you may buy some basic toolkit and devices. However, for professionals, you need to be available for all kinds of repairs such as broken phone motherboard, broken inner components, broken LCD, etc. Obviously, you have to buy a whole set of complete phone repair tools to save your time and improve efficiency.

Phone repair Programmer:

- Nand Programmer – Naviplus 3000, JC PRO1000, PCIE Nand Programmer, etc
- Chip Programmer – ACT PRO, WL, IP high speed programmer, etc

Soldering Tools:

- Electric Soldering Station
- UV Dryer Lamp
- BGA Reballing Stencil

- Anti-static SMD Hot Air Welding Station
- Solder Paste & Flux

- Diagnostic Tools

- Electronic Microscope

- Digital Multimeter

- Desktop Magnifying Glass

- Power Supply Tools

Other Phone Repair Tool

- CPB LCD Screen Repair
- SHP Smart Heating Platform
- Battery Tester

- Phone Main Board Grinding
- Ribbon Cable Flex For Iphone

- Logic Board PCB Fixture

- X5 OCA Vacuum Laminating

- Hot Plate Preheating

Any ideals about Unlock iPhone iCloud ID?

Each Apple users need to have an apple ID, which is called as a iTunes account. When you have a new iPhone device and enter "find my iPhone", unique information is logged to Apple account, your account details are linked to the iPhone and stored on the apple server, so it is iCloud lock. If you can't open the iPhone device to find my iPhone, you can't erase the device, then you can't activate the phone to set details. The most important is that if the phone is connected to the Internet, it means the device is traceable, the registered users can wipe the phone at any time and lock the phone in any way. Unless you can find a way to unlock the activation of iCloud, otherwise, iPhone won't really play a big role. so is there any decent solution to figure it out? nandrepair will introduce iPhone iCloud unlock by hardware in the article, hope it will help!

How to unlock iPhone iCloud ID?

There are four chips on the iPhone motherboard has are the core parts fo you to unlock iCoud: CPU, BASEBAND, NAND FLASH and EEPROM chips. NAND FLASH and EEPROM which can be re-programmed by iphone Chip programmer, while CPU and BASEBAND must be replaced by hardware (from another iphone with unlock IMEI / serial number).  Baseband, CPU, Emprom chip, NAND Flash, they are a whole set , baseband must work with the IMEI which is stored in chip.

iPhone motherboard chip kit is without iCloud lock, the CPU, BASEBAND, NAND FLASH and EEPROM chips work normally,  you can remove these chips to your iPhone board, The CPU and BASEBAND on the motherboard can be used to replaced on the new motherboard to help you unlock iphone icloud. But it takes certain professionalism, take care of the chips, otherwise you will damage these BGA chips.

What are the detailed steps to unlock iPhone iCloud ID by replacing hardware?

1.  Tear down the CPU and Baseband on the motherboad (A Board) with iCloud locked of the iPhone you are going to unlock

2.  Take down (disassemble) the CPU and Baseband on the motherboard (B Board) without iCloud, doing the BGA reballing on it again, the iPhone 6 Plus / 6S iCloud UNLOCK kit chip.

3.  Reading / Import the data of new chip from B Board, Save it, then re-write the new chip data to your A Board by ACT PRO chip programmer, Bond the reballed chips on the motherboard with iCloud

4.  No need to remove NAND from A board, Re-program NAND by iPhone NAND Module Adapter

5.  Move the CPU and Baseband from B board to A board, Install home button and LCD back

6.  Connect iTunes and restore iPhone

7.  Activate iPhone iCloud ID will be eliminated successfully

Four Needed For Cell Phone Repairs Tool

When your cell phone is damaged or broken, you need an cell phone repair technician or DIY by yourself, cos you want to repair your phone well, though it is not very expensive. for these reasons, you have to know the whole selt of tools which it can fix phones or ipads. More important, it needed of good quality, also it can use easier.

Here is the list of the tools which Needed For Cell Phone Repairs Tool as follows:

Soldering and desoldering

Rework Station: A rework station is used for heating and replacing ICs (Chips) on the motherboard. It is also used for removing or mounting of soldered parts and components on the PCB.

Soldering Iron: A soldering iron is used for soldering and de-soldering of the parts and components which are soldered on the PCB. It is also used for making jumpers i.e bridging of broken tracks.

Opening tools

Screw drivers: This is the first thing you will need to open/ dismantle a cell phone. Screw drivers are of many types. The most common ones used are a Phillips screw driver whose head is of plus (+) shape. The pentalobe screw drive is also needed to dismantle iPhones. The other most common one used is the one with a star shaped head called torx. In torx type, the T6 is the most common size thats used. These screw drivers are of various sizes depending on the size of their head. Its best to buy the entire set, which will contain all types of screw drivers used for opening handsets.

Openers: Openers are used to open the housing/casing as it is locked. They come in various shapes and you can use the recommended or the most convenient ones.

Tweezers: Tweezers are needed to hold or lift electronic components and whenever needed to hold any other spare part.

Nand Test Fixure

Nand Flash HDD Test Fixture: you can testing the NAND PCIE Status (Bad or Good) by iPhone Tail Plug Flex Cable / Multi-function iPhone Root Test Repair Cable, Also Can Modify / Flash / Upgrade Firmware by This Test Fixture Tool, Brushing your iPhone 6S / 6S Plus /7 /7 Plus.

ACT PRO: MJ iPhone Eeprom IC All-in-One repair machine EEPROM IC test fixture, Support 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6Plus/SE/6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus all iPhone model EEPROM IC, MJ ACT PRO CHIP error repair machine Erasing / Reading / Re-writing / Check CHIP Good / Bad Status, Erase & Format Chip.

iDEV PCIE LGA70 NVMe Nand Error Repair: PCIE programmer can modify the LGA70 nand flash system configurations, compatible with iphxne 6S/7/7P, iPad Pro, iPad Pro Mini, iPad 5th.

Six Kinds of Cellphone repair tools you needed!

"Science and technology are the primary productive force."  This sentence can be applied to various fields, cellphone repair tools are no exception. In order to better and more efficiently fix the cell phone, there are many new cell phone repair tools appears. Now, Vip Pro Shop Team  will introduce several new devices in the mobile maintenance industry, which includs Nand repair machine,Soldring iron, digital multimeter, motherBoard holder fixture, Phone Power Supply and so on.

Six Kinds of Cellphone repair tools you needed!

1. PCIE Nand Repair Machine, this is new medel. JC PCIE iPhone 7 7P 6S 6SP 5SE iPad Pro Nand test fixture, SN change tool, iPhone 6S 7 7P NAND Memory storage upgrade, Modify Nand underlying data, Old JC PCIE iphone 6S 7 NAND error repair machine stop produced! new JC Pro1000S PCIE Module will replace it. It not only can working on JC software, and but also can working on JC pro1000S machine. It doesn't need boot NAND, engineering line and batttery, touch switch control, identification the nand direction. Its mini design makes it easier to carry and use.

2. JC PCIE NAND Programmer Module Adapter, it can read and write iPhone 6S 6SP NAND Flash by JC PCIE NAND Programmer, without Removing NAND Flash from iphone 6S 6S Plus, only need remove iPhone 6S A9 CPU from motherboard, it will make your iPhone NAND repair more effective and more easier. The specific adapter cannot work alone, it must work with PCIE NAND programmer.

3. JC Pro1000 Baseband Chip Programmer, JC Pro1000 Baseband CHIP Programmer Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, Battery Tester and data Cablerecognition/detection. Pro1000 Multi-function Programmer also support fingerprint reading/re-writing and 32/64 bit PCIE Nand Flash underlying data reading/writing for iphone.

4. MCH-K305D Adjustable DC Power Supply, MCH-K305D Adjustable DC Power Supply can change to 30V2A/30V3A/30V5A/30V10A. MCH K305D Mini Switching Regulated is a Digital display Single Output 0-30V 0-10A. High Precision Current Meter MCH-K305D with Single Output.

5. Iphone battery data line detection clearing instrument, For Iphone Battery Data Line Detection. mobile phone Battery Activator with charge and discharge test. For Iphone Battery clearing instrument For iphone 5se 7 7plus,ipad3 ipad4 ipad5 ipad6 ipadmini.

6. GB1100 iCorner Sidewall Bend Fix frame Repair Tool, GB1100 For i phone 5 5S 6 plus I PAD 2 3 4 mini I PAD 4 icorner repair tools/Sidewall Bend Fix Repair Tool icorner repair

tools/Sidewall Bend Fix Repair Tool iCorner B-Series package is a complete set of interchangeable heads. Simply attach the needed head for the job in hand, then change the head for the next job. support i phone 6 and i phone6 plus, same part model Number with original gtool.