How to work with WOYO PDR-007 Paintless Dent Repair Heat Induction?

WOYO PDR 007 is a dent repair tool for auto maintence. WOYO PDR007 Dent Repair Kit Tool is the first dent fix device which is from china. it come with 110V or 220V-240V vlotage optional. WOYO PDR007 will pay for itself by rpeairing six cars, before you wanna got one of it, you should read WOYO PDR007 FAQ AS Follows:

How to work? ( What is the theory?)
Unlike traditional PDR, the WOYO PDR adopts magnetic induction heating and releases the dents tension, then adsorbs the depression parts, and finally recovers to original state.

What are the differences between WOYO PDR and traditional dent remove tool?
Free disassembly,Traditional repair tools use hook, reach into the interior of sheet metal, and then pull the dent parts. Disassembling auto doors or windows may be necessary. But, WOYO PDR can work directly on the dent parts.

Efficiency increased significanty
WOYO PDR may take 30s-3m.the traditional repair tool takes at least 30 minutes. Besides the spray shall take 24 hours

Exquisite workmanship
the dent part is smooth after WOYO PDR. the traditional repair tools may leave some small bumps.

What kind of dentcan be repaired
Adaptive Range
The equipment is for smooth dent such as the following graphs
Non Adaptive Range

a. the following dead angle dent
aluminum body does not apply

What part of auto body can be repaired?
Hood, door, roof

How about market prospectsof WOYO PDR
Big data has shown in two years: Auto beauty shops wash 30 cars per day, and guide 10 cars consumption, making a deal.Customer price 150 yuan x200 days = annual profit 30,000 yuan

Are you a direct manufacturer or trading company?
We are a direct manufacturer, we have our own machine and work plant. We can produce products according to your requirements. Welcome to our factory for visiting.

What is your MOQ?
We do not have serious qty requirments, one pcs is ok.

Can Ihave a sample order?
Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are accepted.


Collecting articles: Moible Phone Repair Test fixure

Many people want to Protect his/her Moible Phone Well, but the reality is always counter productive! your moible phone will accidentally broken, you need to find An professional moible phone repair guy, sometimes, it is not a complex things, you can fix it by yourself, you also can buy some of cell Phone Repair Test fixure via online shopping store, such as Nandrepair-Chinacell phone repair tools supplier, that’s more ealier than find a repair shopping, and can save more money for yourself.

Read More: Which Is The Needed Tool For Moible Phone Repair?

First, you have to know some of Moible Phone  Repair Test fixure, that maybe help you to fix your moible phone.

1. MJ ACT PRO  This is an  All-in-One repair machine EEPROM IC test fixture, Support 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6Plus/SE/6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus all iPhone model EEPROM IC,compare with the old version of MJ ACT PRO, It’s more powerfull and easy to use, you no need remove the chip from iphone motherboard, support many kinds of Apple model, is the top recommand repair tools for iphone repair service.

2. QUICK 861DW  If you want to buy an Rework Soldering Station for phone repair, QUICK 861DW is the the first choice of you. china top brand” quick”  The system has an automatic cooling function of wind capacity , extend the life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.Quick, powerful heating & airflow. Solder SMCs, RAM ICs, touch ICs effortlessly. Top recommand!

3. Passcode Unlock Tool For iPhone  when you fogot your cellphone’s password, how to slove it? go to iphone serice shop? no, This tool can theoretically be able to get the correct password when matching all passwords. Don’t need Restore the iphone, without losing any data. if you forgot iPhone screen lock passcode, you have to care on this tool

Finally. it doesn’t matter how many kinds of Moible Phone Repair device,the last things you should to know that you have to find a trueth website which can give you more suggestions, you can find more cell phone tools. Even you can find more interesting articels…..


How many do you know about JC Pro1000S PCIE Nand Programmer

Is your maintenance desk with full of various phone maintenance tools and iPhone NAND programmer? Such as NAVIPLUS PRO3000S and WL MIni PCIE Nand Repair, even iphone battery test ...etc other phone repair tools, As a matter of fact, you only use one programmer which work with different PCIE modules to fix all of them, Maybe you will ask which tools is so much powerfull? that is JC Pro1000S PCIE Nand Programmer.

JC Pro1000S is the multi-functional phone programmer, which is for iPhone batter tester, detects iPhone genuine data cable, iPhone logic EEPROM IC and Baseband EEPROM IC (CHIP) Erasing / Reading / Re-writing, iPhone NAND Flash (32bit / 64bit / PCIE NAND) underlying data Reading / Re-writing, iPhone fingerprint Reading / Re-writing. which has nearly 17 kinds of pcie modules for you choose, not only your can fix the iphone problem, but also it can perfect fixing the ipad model problems.


As an iphone repair technicians, you can select the full package of JC Pro1000S, but it is not very cheap as you thinking, so nandrepair highly suggestion you can choose some of modules which you always working with them,of course, if you were from phone repair shop or company, it doesn't matter about the penny, you can choose the full modules.

All Modules of JC Pro1000S Iphone Chip Programmer

1. Pro1000 Data line Cable detection module

this Data line Cable detection module also called BAT and cable module, is the same tools.

2.Iphone lighting earphone check module


Iphone lighting earphone check module have to work with JC Pro1000S, can't work alone.

3. PRO1000S iPhone eeprom IC Reading / Re-writing module ( Test Socket, need to remove the IC from PCB board, Support Logic EEPROM IC and Baseband EEPROM IC ) - (Support iPhone 4 - 7 Plus)

4. pro1000 4S-5S Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)

5. pro1000 6-6SP Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)

6. 6-6SP Logic EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)

7. Iphone 6S 6SP NAND Non-removal Adapter

8. To be updated soon!

9. JC Pro1000S third generation battery detection module

JC pro1000S Battery Tester For iPhone 4 4S 5 5S SE 6 6P 6S 6P 7 7P 8 8P X

10. PRO1000S iPhone 32/64 Bit NAND IC Reading / Re-writing module ( Test Socket, need to remove the IC from PCB board) - (Support 32Bit and 64Bit)

11. Pro1000 7-7P Logic Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module ( (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)

12. PRO1000S Baseband EEPROM IC (Qualcomm, Intel) Reading / Re-writing Module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) - (Support iPhone 7 - 7 Plus)

13.PRO1000S NAND Programmer Reading / Re-writing Module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) - For iPhone 6/6P

14. JC P7 Nand Repair Programmer(More information, please check Model: PRK128)

15. PCIE NAND Flash IC Programming Tool NAND Test Fixture Nand Repair Machine for iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus / SE / 7/ 7 Plus/ iPad Pro

16. PRO1000S iPad 2 3 4 Socket Nand Module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) - (Support of iPad 2(2.4) / iPad 3(Single Nand) / iPad 4)

17. iPhone 8 / 8 Plus/ iPhone X PCIE NAND Flash IC Programming Tool(JC PCIE iPhone 8 8P X NAND Test Fixture)

All products are arranged according to the sequence of our website. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.


China Four kinds of Essential Device For iPhone X Repairing

 IF your iphone X runing slowly or with other problems, you will find the Essential Device For iPhone X Repairing. such as iPhone X won’t turn on, Display Issues. as we know,iPhone X logic board was folded in half, two layers then were soldered together, the upper layer is the mainboard, and the lower layer is the signal board. Which made our repair much difficult to proceed, how to repair iPhone X logic board in fast and efficient method, need the professional iPhone X motherboard repair tools, Today, we will introduce Four kinds of Essential Device For iPhone X Repairing, in order to let repair processing more easier.

1. PPD120X iphone X A11 CPU Desoldering

PPD120X is an high-quality Welding Platform Desoldering Demolition  Rework Station for iPhone X A11 CPU. No need the hot Air Rework station,  working on 230℃, Separate the iPhone X upper / lower logic board by PPD120X Pre-heating Rework Station, professional tool for repair iPhone X logic board in fast and efficient method.

2. WL MINI PCIE NAND Flash Programmer

IF you want to Change iphone X SN, Model, region (country), Color, WIFI & Bluetooth. and NAND underlying data. this WL MINI PCIE NAND Flash  For iphone X  is your best choice. it Compatible for iPhone 8 / 8Plus / X

3. JC PCIE iPhone 8 8P X NAND Test Fixture


Nandrepair new JC PCIE 8   iPhone 8 8P X NAND Test Fixture not only can working on JC software  platform, and but also can working on JC pro1000S machine. It doesn't  Don't need boot NAND, don't need the engineering line, don't need  batttery, touch switch control, identification the nand direction.

4. Battery Detector Tool For Iphone X

when you meet iphone X battery problem, such as battery has held up  admirably.  how to find a effective solutions to fix iPhone X battery  issue? is there a Battery Detector Tool For Iphone X? this Battery  Detector Tool For Iphone X will help you out.

of course, if you need other iphone repair tools, or such item can't  solve your iphone X problem immediately, you can List your Iphone X  issue, maybe we can talk about it here.... thanks in advance.




Reviews About Hot Plate Preheating Station For Phone Repair

For phone repair, there is a needed tools called Hot Plate Preheating  Station, it is very important,  Electronic Hot Plate Preheat Preheating  Station For PCB SMD Heating,It Used to divide, repair cell phone  screen, LED display, Component heating work, SMD reengineering work, PCB  removing, soldering work. Here, we will introduce some of Preheating  Platform As follows:

110/220V 800W 946C Hot Plate Preheating Station

946C Hot Plate Preheating Station come with 110V or 220V is avaible.  direct heating or cooling key key can be adjusted to the current  operating temperature of ± 50 °c.


1. heating units placed work platform, countertops should be smooth, the material must be resistant to heat.
2. in the course of their work, the board and around the very hot, be careful to guard against burn, burn!
3. the heated object to safety, high temperatures may damage the heating elements.
946A Constant Temperature Preheating Platform
946A flatbed rework heating plate, the control circuit uses a  high-performance micro-computer chip, it accurate temperature control,  display and intuitive, practical and can automatically determine the  machine heated part of the fault. 946A tablet fever caused by the use of  high-quality aluminum alloy, it has a fast heating, high efficiency,  temperature uniformity, easy to control temperature and other  advantages.
946A rework heating plate advantage:

946A is with small size, temperature stability, simple operation, easy to use, is the ideal heating tool.
Components for heating
SMT recycling operations
PCB board demolition, welding job
UYUE 946S Preheating Station
For iphone, Samsung, HTC and other cell Phone Repair, you can choose UYUE 946S, 946S Preheating Station 400W allows in easy and efective way repair LCD/Touch screen.

UYUE 946S Feature:

Powe supply : 220V~240V (50Hz-60HZ)
Temperature Range: 0 °C- 200 °C (Please use no more than 100°C to avoid thermal damage to the device.)
Heating Element: Resistance Heater
Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and almost all new touch sceen devices.
Heating plate size: 20cm x 14cm
Item dimensions: 21x16x7cm

IF you want to get more Phone Repair Kit ‘s informations, please do follow with us, We will share more news about this.

WOYO PDR007 Induction Heater PDR007 Sheet Metal Repair Tools Auto Car Body Repair

WOYO PDR007 Sheet Metal Repair Tools Auto Car Body, it is a very important car body repair machine. is a clean dent repair in a fraction of the time compared to a conventional PDR tool.

Repair Kits Dent Removal Kits Induction Magnetic Heating Induction Kits

WOYO PDR007 Functional Description:

1. Dedicated to the removal / removal of the body trim, the thickness of not more than 1MM.

2. Auto Body heating Look forward to more of your features Explore Depression Pit Body Sheet Metal Disassembly Heating



Guide:iPhone PCB Motherboard Soldering Repair

Which is best Phone PCB Motherboard soldering tools? Many phone repairmen want reasonable iPhone motherboard soldering repair tools. Today, nandrepair will  recommend some of the cheapest and most reliable motherboard soldering repair tools, hope it will help you.

Five Main iPhone motherboard soldering repair tools:

1. Soldering Station / Solder Iron: There are no big difference between the soldering station and solder iron. But the former one is safer and more convenient to use since you can adjust temperature in a proper way. To get an ESD Safe Soldering Station,such as quick 861DW. you will never worry about that the high temperature will damage components on iPhone circuit board. For buying a solder iron, a 50 Watt solder iron would be a very good choice.

2. Solder Paste: Solder paste is one of the most important tool for iPhone soldering repairs, it’s used for connecting the surface mount components to pads on the iPhone circuit board. So, it helps a lot when sticking the electronic components or solder balls on the mounted area

3. Solder Wick: Solder wick help to remove the residuals and lead on iPhone logic board surface. It often works with a solder iron.

4. Jumper Wire: Jumper wire is the common assistant used for short connecting components on iPhone circuit board, if there is any circuit being short, a jumper wire would be the best solution.

5. iPhone PCB Holder: It would be the first level tool to begin iPhone motherboard repairs, there are lots of different high temperature resistant iPhone PCB repair holder in the market you can choose, some of them can be compatible with all iPhone models, that would be a better choice.

nandrepair Motherboard Clamps Logic Board PCB Fixture

Steps for iPhone motherboard soldering repair:

1. Adjust soldering station or soldering iron to proper temperature.

2. Put iPhone motherboard on the right iPhone PCB repair holder.

3. Put the solder wire and the iron tip at the point you need to repair. The solder should be bright and good shape. Of course, if you use lead-free solder, then even if the welding is correct, the welding will not shine.


1.Melt enough solder at the junction. Make sure there are no bridges.

2.Don’t touch the PCB track too long with hot iron. Once the solder is melted, remove the iron immediately.

3. Use wet sponge to clean the iron head after using the soldering iron. It prevents oxidation of the tip and prolongs its service life.

4. For your safety, it’s better to place the iron on the holder.