UP-828P Series High speed universal programmer Free Software Download

As we know, UP-828P universal Programmer supporting a growing number mobile device memory chips. UP-828P High speed universal programmer with full UP-828P software can work with up-828p adapters. Nandrepair UP-828P Series High speed universal programmer Free Software Download.

UP-828P Series High speed universal programmer UP-828P Download Software Free:



Nandrepair.com UP-828P Ultra Programmer features:

1. UP-828P Ultra Programmer supports the newest types of FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, MoviNAND, iNAND, eMMC etc in addition, the BOOT area of iNAND, eMMC and MoviNAND can be read and written.

2. The EMMC ‘s read/write speeds can reach to 20MByte/sec.

3. Support 48MHz read and write pulse, the highest support speed of read and write close to the limits of devices. Program + Verify one 1Gb NAND FLASH only in 34 seconds, program + Verify one 8Mb FLASH only in 4 seconds.

4. 110 pins universal driving, Support VCC of devices from 1.2V to 5V.

5. Auto-test short circuit or bad contact of devices, with intuitionist graphics Real-time detection of short circuit or bad contacting of devices, Guarantee the safety and quality of programming device.

6. Program interface is simple, the device operation unified, different devices configuration and set option use uniform window entrance; especially designed for mass production compact interface, even front-line workers can easily using it freely.

7. Simple operation, accessible, general device programed only need to set program options and device configuration, operation can be carried out simply, and flow is clear, don’t need a lot of training can be easy to get started.

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Atten Soldering Iron introduce in Phone PC repair industry

Each technicians knows that A soldering iron is a very useful tool in electronics. not only used in phone repair industry, but also used in auto pcb repair, PC repair..etc, it is widely use a soldering iron to solder an electronic component.

There are various Manufacturers of soldering irons, such as Quickly, Saike, LEISTO and YIHua etc, they all make their Soldering irons work better with lead-free solder. Today, nandrepair will introduce 3 kinds of Atten Soldering Iron.

One: Atten AT8502D SMD Rework Station

AT8502D is an intelligent,lead-free, and space-saving rework station which combines a rework station and soldering station. It is suitable for advanced hobbyists, repair, rework, and educational use. It is user friendly and a welcome addtion to every work bench.

Two: ATTEN AT860D Lead Free ESD Hot Air Gun

Atten hot air gun AT860D has dual windows digital display for temperature, wing flux and parameter setup and key touch operation.

With elegant operation and control buttons on the handle AT860D hot air gun can be more flexible use. and display temperature value of AT860D can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit according to user preference.
Card type device management of hot air gun AT860D in order to avoid accidental changing of setting parameters by the user.
AT860D hot air gun has automatic dormancy function to ensure reduced energy consumption by the equipment, extending the life of the heating element.
On the other hand, automatic power off feature of AT860D can protect the equipment cooling. Malfunction alert function.
The air-outlet uses the brand new technology of tornado type design which helps to maintain the hot air temperature at stable. New streamline handle design for convenient and comfortable feel.

Three: ATTEN 852D Rework Soldering Station

ATTEN 852D Feature

closed loop using sensor control temperature, temperature quickly, fixed temperature convenient, temperature stability;

the antistatic design, prevent leakage and damage by static and PCB board;

imported heat wire, with long life.adopt imported air pump, low vibration, no noise and design, keep working environment is quiet;

using LED display temperature, temperature control precise instructions, make operation more convenient;

intelligent cooling system, the air after the shutdown of the delay, the temperature below 100 °C to cut off power supply;

suitable for most surface mount parts desoldering safe desoldering QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA and sensitive to temperature components.






itunes error? how you solve such troublems?

For an moible phone repair technicans, it is very common that you are meeting the itunes errors, how you solve such troublems? Maybe you will say " restarting the iTunes, checking for updates, updating computer system, rebooting PC, etc" but i will tell the truth which most of time, all these method invalid, you wast much of your time only.

on such situation, we would like to introduce NO 3 itunes repair tools to easily fix any kind of itunes error. There are all from china market, it is very powerfull and significant to repair issues and errors, more important, which is very popular in china market, nearly every phone repair workers wannt to get one.

1. Best iTunes fix tool- JC Pro1000s

Until now, JC Pro1000s optional with 20 kinds of adapters, JC Pro1000 Chip Multi-function Programmer For Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, For Iphone Battery Tester and Programmer data Cable recognition/detection. you can choose models as below:

Model1: Pro1000 Data line Cable detection module(APP)
Model2: Pro1000S Iphone lighting earphone check module
Model3: Pro1000 4-6SP eeprom IC Chip reading/Re-writing Test Socket   
Model4: pro1000 4S-5S Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)
Model5: pro1000 6-6SP Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)
Model6: pro1000 6-6SP Logic EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)  
Model8: Iphone /8P/X  Photosensitive Repair Module
Model9: PRO1000S N3 battery detection moduleModel10: 32Bit /64 Bit Nand Flash Reading / Re-writing module For Iphone/Ipad
Model11: Pro1000 7-7P Logic Baseband EEPROM IC Reading / Re-writing module ( (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC)
Model12: iphone 7/7p Baseband chip (Qualcomm/ inter EEPROM IC)
Model13: PRO1000S NAND Programmer Reading / Re-writing Module (stay-in-place, don't need remove IC) - For iPhone 6/6P
Model14: JC P7 Nand Repair Programmer(More information, please check Model: PRK128)
Model15: PCIE 5SE 6S 6SP 7 7P ipad Pro PCIE NAND Reading / Re-writing module
Model16: iPad 2 3 4 icloud Unlock Non-Removal Adapter for JC Pro1000
Model17: iPhone 8 / 8 Plus/ iPhone X PCIE NAND Flash IC Programming Tool ( More info, please check PRK101)
Model18: JC Iphone X Non-removal Eeprom Programmer
Model 19: For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X Vibration Read/Write Module For iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X
Model20: For Ipad4/Air Ipad5/Air2 Ipad6 Adapter Non-removal Nand Module

2. Best iTunes fix tool- IP Box II

2018 New arrive from nand repair online store. IP Box II repair perfectly the 6/9/14 itunes Error.

IP-Box V2 Features:

Hard Disk Repair, data extraction, Hard Disk testing
Backup/Write Hard Disk Data ( supports Full Flash Reading/Writing/Erasing)
Update iPhone Hard Disk (upgrade memory)
Read/Write/Fix SPI Flash IC
Backup/Write fingerprint eeprom
for iPhone/for iPad Info Change (SN, WIFI Mac Address, BT Mac Address, Local, Modem)
Detects ID, type, capacity and other information

3. Best iTunes fix tool- JC-P7 PCIE NAND Test Fixture

JC-P7 PCIE NAND Test Fixture is also from JC company, is the same function as JC N3 programmer. it is Designed to Change iPhone NAND underlying data, Serial Number SN / Model / Country / Color modification. JC P7 Nand Repair Programmer not only can working on JC software, but also can working together with JC pro1000S Programmer.


How to use WOYO PDR007 car dent repair tool?

If you want find a good car dent repair tool, we think WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair is the best device, WOYO PDR007 car body repair is a good tool to save much time when you repair your car body. it can fix any metal surfaces' dents in 20 second, very easy to using and learning.

How to use WOYO PDR007 car dent repair tool?

Incorrect operation:

While in use, don't press hard to avoid worsening the dent.
Don't start operation from the center of dent
Don't opera in a slide way
Don't work on a same dent too long
While in use, don't touch the dent to avoid burns
Make sure there is no air gap between repair head and auto body during operation

Note before Operation:

1. Do not use this device in patients with pacemakers and various metal prostheses.
2. Before using the equipment, please wear a protective mask, protective gloves and overalls to prevent burns in operation.
3. Do not wear any metal items such as watches, necklaces, keys, belt buckles, coins, zippers, etc..
4. The equipment shall not be used in conductive dust, spray working area, chemical fuel working area, high temperature zone and high humidity area.
5. When the device is powered on, no combustible material can be placed next to it.
6. Before using the equipment, please have a fire extinguisher in case of improper operation.
7. Do not have to install airbags in the vicinity of the use of this tool.
8. If the device is connected to the power supply, it is necessary to guard the equipment. Unplug the AC power outlet when not in use.
9. Equipment storage, the temperature should be maintained at 0~50℃, when the mobile device to avoid vibration.

Note in Operation:

1. Repair the head in the repair of damaged body process, repair the head and body temperature will rise rapidly, in the equipment, body, repair head without cooling, please do not touch, so as not to burn.
2. Repair head in the repair process, repair of head and body temperature will rise rapidly, single damaged parts do not for a long time operation (every 1~15 seconds after the operation with a wet towel repeatedly wipe the damaged parts of the cooling), high temperature paint to avoid hurting.
3. Repair process, repair the head and body temperature will rise rapidly, the car experience a moment of weak softening, during the repair of the head do not have to press the action, so as not to soften the moment caused by the increase in depression.




Four Essential Tools For Cell Phone Repair In 2018

If you are thinking about replacing the new mobile phone repair equipment, this articles but for help in the snow. update your repair device is a must for every mobile phone maintenance technicians, most of your old repair tools are no longer able to meet the newer phone. New repair tools can help you complete repairs faster and more efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Just check 4 Must-needed Tools For Cell Phone Repair In 2018 from nand repair online store, to help you Better enjoy repairing life.

A. For Ipad 3 Nand Programmer Test Fixture

Ipad 3 Nand Programmer is an no-removal nand ic socket, For ipad3 Test Fixture Use for read / write NAND SN (serial number), Model, region (country), Color, WIFI & Bluetooth. and NAND underlying data.


1. English software, update online

2. Support all versions of Ipxd 3

3. A1416 A1430 A1403 Dual HDD Reading/Writing

B. For Ipad4/Air Ipad5/Air2 Ipad6 Nand Module


1. Support for iPad 4 / 5 iPad Air / 6 iPad Air2.

2. No need remove NAND IC

3. Support JC PRO1000S connection computer platform operation

BTW: we also Provide For ipad 2 3 4 Non-removal Nand Adapter, you can check it PRK057, Choose Model16

C. UNI-T UPO8102S Oscilloscope For Mobile Phone Repair

The oscilloscope is mainly used to detect the voltage and signal waveform of the key points on the main board, which can be delineated. Range, quickly find the point of failure.


1. Support english

2. 100MHz bandwidth, 2 analog channels, 1GS/s real-time sampling rate, multiple waveform parameters.

3. main used for cell phone repair industry

D. LEISTO T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Iron

Come with 220V or 110V two options, you can change the different soldering irons when it is hot-pluggable status, Easy to us


1. English language Display

2. the welding speed is improved, and the production efficiency is improved 30%-50%

3. temperature rise to 350℃ in fast speed, just need "3 seconds"

2018 update: WOYOsmart Series Tools, which one is the best choice?

WOYOU SMART tries our best to offer the opportunity to enhance personal ability and realize individual value. as a newer plintless dent repair manuafactory, woyo is your best choice.

Today, Let's collection all WOYOsmart Series Tools, in order to let you find the right tools more easlier.

1. WOYOSMART Paintless Dent Repair WOYO PDR-007

Unlike traditional PDR, the PDR HOT BOX is the cleanest and fastest way for fixing hail or boulders dents, door dings and other minor soft dents. Induction heating is the highest tech method for removing soft dents, the result is a clean dent repair in a fraction of the time compared to a conventional PDR tool.

2. WOYO UC009 Ultrasonic Cutter

this is the new item from woyo company in 2018 year, that is with Efficient for cutting and deburring of composite material of FRP and  plastic materials. Most suitable for accurate correction work required on PCB

3. WOYO HBR012 Heater Rust Converter

When repairing machinery, you will frequently find that some bolts are  exceptionally difficult to remove.The traditional solution to this  problem has been to apply a flame to the bolt, which will loosen it,  but this method is both dangerous and time consuming.With today’s, inefficient parts remove can seriously erode your profit.The sooner vehicles can be repairs begun, the sooner you start making money.

4. WOYO Ultrasonic Cutter TUIREL Key Cutting

what's the advantages of WOYO Ultrasonic Cutter?

High speed vibration 39,800 times per second, to maintain a stable

power and good surface
Power balance control, reduce the loss caused by the wrong operation
Stable operation, bring good surface craf.


This light/reflection board is used to help operator easily repair the dent. By training part of the  auto body on the light, the distorted part will reflect where the dent is. It is suitable for light color car or highlight condition in particular. You can also adjust the color temperature by yourself. With LED display and three suckers, you would be clear about the exact color temperature and the repair work would be much easier.

6. WOYO Remote Control Tester

WOYO Remote Control Tester has been developed to assist with the diagnosis of all types of (IR) Infra Red and (RF) Radio Frequency remote controls. WOYO Remote Control Tester can be used on most makes and models of vehicles including trucks, remote control models and domestic appliances.

How to fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on and black screen

Some users maybe will meet such issues, like your iphone X physically damaged, or Dropped in water or other reason, what can you do when your iPhone X Won’t Turn on and black screen? today we will give you some suggestions, you just have an try. also there are many solutions from website, hope you can find a right way to solve your problems.

1. Force restart your iPhone X

To restart your frozen iPhone X:

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button

Press and quickly release the Volume Down button

Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo

2. Just try charge your iphone X

some time, the earlier way is more important too, you just connect your iphone X to the charge, maybe your iphone X will start turning on

3. Restore using 3uTools

Download 3uTools software, coonect the iphone X to the PC, THen enter DFU mode to restore.

4. Disassemble and testing it.

iphone X motherboard which made of two boards soldering together, it is too difficult to separate the folded motherboard, which need the Precise temperature controlling, you can use PPD120X, which is Do separating working on the upper and lower motherboards of iphone X, avoid motherboard damaged, increase maintenance speed, Don't need the hot Air Rework station, working on 230℃, iPhone X logic board Desoldering Rework Station tool.

After separated the logic board, you need testing the upper/Lower layer current with DC power supply, the power supply voltage with Multimeter. to find the abnormal. and fixed it.

when you fixed the problem, you need Double-board quick installation, in order to save more time and sucess, Iphone X PCB Positioning Fixture play an import role in this processing, that will help you quickly re-solder the two boards and reassemble the iphone X.