Clone V2.28 Kess V2 Master Version Kess V2 2.28 with Renew Button

Cablesmall has released V2.28 KESS V2 ecu tuning kits for cars. Kess v2 2.28 with k-suite 2.28 software for EDC17 chip tuning. KESS v2 2.28 from is usually a strong ECU tuner with reasonably priced value. KESS V2 tuning kit covers all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.

V2.28 KESS V2 Master Renew Tuning Kit V4.036 Kess v2 Unlimited Tokens

V2.28 kess v2 master with k-suite 2.28 software has some distinguish capabilities that other ECU tuning tool did not have, like Verify in the battery voltage in real-time, Complete Recovery function in case ofissues, Automatic correction of the Checksum, Boot-Loader mode supported, Management of the programming counters, Scan Tool function to remove DTC, Several alternatives of reading/writing speed, Alternative to write full file/section with the map and full integration with ECM Titanium ECU programming software program. The device can not be upgraded and must be installed on Windows XP operating program.

KESS V2 Token Reset:

New KESS V2 ECU Chip Tuning Tool add one renew button on the main unit. This button is used to charge tokens. Once your tokens run over, just click this button, then tokens will go back to 30 tokens. You can go on to use it again. No need change new tokens chip, no need desolder and program the tokens chip. More easily than ever.