Iphone Battery tester for detecting Battery is good or not

If you want to testing/detcting iphone 5s 6 6s 7 plus battery is good or not, nandrepair will suggestion that Iphone Battery tester( with necessary connctions) on china market, the device Looks samll, but is very powerfull to connect leads on a multimeter, If you have some issuess of my iPhone 6 6S 7 turning off at high percentages before, and then turning on after a while and being fine, so you need iphone battery tester.


This new iPhone Battery tester, Data line detection, Battery clearing instrument, added iphone 5SE 7 7P ipad 3/4/5/6 mini all series, added charge-discharge function, added Battery chip detection, also added charge-discharge graph, also support original iphone cable detection

1 - identifying the original battery and cottage
2 - battery cycles
3 - the battery design capacity
4 - the battery full charge capacity
5 - the battery voltage
6 - the temperature of the battery
7 - quiescent current of the battery
8 - battery protection board chip IC model
9 - battery charge activation, charge-discharge function
10 - the battery discharge current, charge-discharge graph
11- Automatically identify the original iphone cable;
12 - Apple battery cycles is cleared
13 - Battery chip detection