Six Kinds of Cellphone repair tools you needed!

"Science and technology are the primary productive force."  This sentence can be applied to various fields, cellphone repair tools are no exception. In order to better and more efficiently fix the cell phone, there are many new cell phone repair tools appears. Now, Vip Pro Shop Team  will introduce several new devices in the mobile maintenance industry, which includs Nand repair machine,Soldring iron, digital multimeter, motherBoard holder fixture, Phone Power Supply and so on.

Six Kinds of Cellphone repair tools you needed!

1. PCIE Nand Repair Machine, this is new medel. JC PCIE iPhone 7 7P 6S 6SP 5SE iPad Pro Nand test fixture, SN change tool, iPhone 6S 7 7P NAND Memory storage upgrade, Modify Nand underlying data, Old JC PCIE iphone 6S 7 NAND error repair machine stop produced! new JC Pro1000S PCIE Module will replace it. It not only can working on JC software, and but also can working on JC pro1000S machine. It doesn't need boot NAND, engineering line and batttery, touch switch control, identification the nand direction. Its mini design makes it easier to carry and use.

2. JC PCIE NAND Programmer Module Adapter, it can read and write iPhone 6S 6SP NAND Flash by JC PCIE NAND Programmer, without Removing NAND Flash from iphone 6S 6S Plus, only need remove iPhone 6S A9 CPU from motherboard, it will make your iPhone NAND repair more effective and more easier. The specific adapter cannot work alone, it must work with PCIE NAND programmer.

3. JC Pro1000 Baseband Chip Programmer, JC Pro1000 Baseband CHIP Programmer Logic/Baseband IC Chip reading/writing repair, Battery Tester and data Cablerecognition/detection. Pro1000 Multi-function Programmer also support fingerprint reading/re-writing and 32/64 bit PCIE Nand Flash underlying data reading/writing for iphone.

4. MCH-K305D Adjustable DC Power Supply, MCH-K305D Adjustable DC Power Supply can change to 30V2A/30V3A/30V5A/30V10A. MCH K305D Mini Switching Regulated is a Digital display Single Output 0-30V 0-10A. High Precision Current Meter MCH-K305D with Single Output.

5. Iphone battery data line detection clearing instrument, For Iphone Battery Data Line Detection. mobile phone Battery Activator with charge and discharge test. For Iphone Battery clearing instrument For iphone 5se 7 7plus,ipad3 ipad4 ipad5 ipad6 ipadmini.

6. GB1100 iCorner Sidewall Bend Fix frame Repair Tool, GB1100 For i phone 5 5S 6 plus I PAD 2 3 4 mini I PAD 4 icorner repair tools/Sidewall Bend Fix Repair Tool icorner repair

tools/Sidewall Bend Fix Repair Tool iCorner B-Series package is a complete set of interchangeable heads. Simply attach the needed head for the job in hand, then change the head for the next job. support i phone 6 and i phone6 plus, same part model Number with original gtool.