What Cell Phone Soldering tools do you need?

Soldering iron is an essential part of the phone repair process. If you have a good soldering skill, it can improve the performance and life of Cell Phone Motherboard. On the other hand, poor soldering skill lead to PCB failure broken. Maybe you will asked which soldering tools you will need?  or How to do soldering in a proper way? you can check as follows:

which soldering tools do you need?

Choose the suitable tools and consumables is the first step of a successful soldering operation. Here are the tools required for cell phone PCB maintenance.

Soldering Station - Try to get an  ESD Safe Soldering Station if you are a professional, such as QUICK 861DW, It's available for you to control the temperature and insert the soldering iron into the station. With soldering station, you will never worry about that the high temperature will damage components.

Soldering Iron - Try to buy a good quality ESD safety iron. A 50 Watt iron can weld any electronic component onto the PCB.

Solder Wick - It will help remove residuals on the PCB surface and the lead of the electronic component. This soldering assistant will help better soldering.

Other consumables may be required to dismantle the core, PCB Holder, conductive pen, magnetic pen, clean sponge and so on.

How to do soldering
1. Place the iron pen on the base of the handle. Make sure you don't touch the tip or metal part, because they're too hot.

2. Put the electronic components in the place you are easy to work. Apply some soldering flux.

3. Put the solder wire and the iron tip togetherwhere the component lead and the Copper Track of the PCB meets. Melt enough solder at the junction. Make sure there are no bridges.

4. Welding should be bright and good shape. If you use lead-free solder, then even if the welding is correct, the welding will not shine.

5. Don't touch the PCB track too long with hot iron. Once the solder is melted, remove the iron immediately.

How to do soldering in a proper way?

Use wet sponge to clean the iron head before and after the soldering iron.

put some soldering wire on the top of the soldering iron.  If the wire is melted immediately, it means that the iron is ready for welding.

Never touch the iron head or the iron head. The tip temperature may be as high as 500 degrees Celsius, it will lead to severe burns and injuries.

Always put a wet solder on the iron rack and clean the sponge.

When the welding is finished, clean the tip with a clean sponge and leave some solder at the tip. This prevents oxidation of the tip and prolongs its service life.

place the iron on the holder or bracket

Wash hands regularly after welding.