For iPhone X Desoldering Heating Rework Station

If you want to get an Desoldering Heating Rework Station For iPhone X repairing. you need a professional tool for repair iPhone X logic board in fast and efficient Fix, which is the best iPhone X Desoldering Heating Rework Station? Today, Nandrepair will share one of them.

PPD 120X Mini Intelligent Demolition Welding Platform Desoldering Demolition Rework Station for iPhone X A11 CPU . No need the hot Air Rework station, working on 230℃, Separate the iPhone X upper / lower logic board by PPD120X Pre-heating Rework Station

PPD 120X Temperature setting parameters:

Demolition shield temperature adjustment 180℃-220℃

In addition to CPU side glue temperature 180℃-220℃

Demolition A11 CPU the temperature 230℃-240℃

Desmearing temperature 180℃-200℃

Reball BGA chip temperature 180℃-200℃

Soldering A11 CPU temperature 190℃-210℃

How to use PPD120X Desoldering?

1:take apart screen cover 180℃-220℃

2:CPU edge glue 180℃-220℃

3:  take off A11 CPU 230℃-240℃

4:  desmearing 180℃-200℃

5:  reball BGA chip 180℃-200℃

6:  soldering A11 CPU 190℃-210℃


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