You should know these before you open Phone Repair Business

Nowadays the mobile phone repair industry is very popular, Having maintenance skills is very competitive. You have to be able to make sure that the same device is fixed again and again in a serious manner. It takes a lot of patience and strategic marketing to become a full-time job on phone repair service. Before you wannt run this job, you need to know yourself clearly, " Is cell phone repair right for you? "You should know these before you open Phone Repair Business.

How to make a quick profit?

It takes some time to build your reputation, and you don't immediately see a rise in sales. This problem is completely limited to your availability. So, it's an important step to control your time and efficiency reasonably, and at the same time, you need to be serious enough not to cause further damage to the customer's cell phone device because of accidental mistake. The profit of repair and parts costs are very high. As mentioned earlier, the money you earn from a repair can easily quadruple your inventory. If you fix about 100 dollars a year on average, you fix 10 devices a week, and you get 1000 dollars a week.

How to let customers know you?


If you want to have a stable source of customers and a stable income, the first thing is to build a good image for your mobile phone Repair business. How can customers quickly find you and trust you? There are 2 ways to help, which one is right for you? It depends on your situation. For businesses that have never run before, only a small amount of money can be used, and mobile services may be viable.

Mobile service

What are the benefits of running mobile service mode business? Mobile service is a very good low capital business owners, and to provide convenience for your customers. It also helps to develop relationships with customers and is a good referral. The disadvantage of mobile service is that it can only work on one device at a time. This will produce lower profits, but it will allow you to better control your schedule.


If you have enough money, the store is a better choice.  It's the best way to start branding your product. It shows legitimacy, and puts trust in the customer's mind.  However, the cost of starting your own store is much larger than the phone fix business. Having a store allows you to keep your inventory in one place and allows you to work on multiple devices. This may be the ideal business owner who has a large amount of start-up capital and can take risks.

How much money to prepare the stock?

In general, the starting cost of mobile phone fix business is not high. You can start with a single cell phone screen and make enough money to quadruple your inventory. However, depending on the business model you select from above, you may need to calculate additional costs, such as renting storefront and so on.

Tool inventory

After making sure you choose the type of cell phone you want to fix, you need to make sure you have the right tools, Nandrepair suggestion you choosing the corresponding tool according to different cell phone brands, the same brand of different models. There are many different phone fix tool kits on the market, each of which requires different types and quantities of tools. What tools are essential? Such as screwdrivers, spudgers, tape, scissors, tweezers, and so on. Of course, the inventory of tools should be purchased according to your actual situation. There are many online websites that offer reasonable price and superior quality products, and you can make the most appropriate choice by multiple comparisons.?

Phone replacement parts inventory

The choice of mobile phone replacement parts or accessories require you to be clear of what's the most common mobile phone are used in local market, you can prepare more common mobile phone parts to ensure that you have enough inventory to meet your service needs. Depending on how much usability you have, you may want to recover from 5-15 pieces of each item you want. This allows you to continue to serve your customers while waiting for more parts to arrive.

This is all about building a mobile phone repair business, if you want to know more about phone repair skills and other technical problems, please ask help for Nandrepair.