Guide:iPhone PCB Motherboard Soldering Repair

Which is best Phone PCB Motherboard soldering tools? Many phone repairmen want reasonable iPhone motherboard soldering repair tools. Today, nandrepair will  recommend some of the cheapest and most reliable motherboard soldering repair tools, hope it will help you.

Five Main iPhone motherboard soldering repair tools:

1. Soldering Station / Solder Iron: There are no big difference between the soldering station and solder iron. But the former one is safer and more convenient to use since you can adjust temperature in a proper way. To get an ESD Safe Soldering Station,such as quick 861DW. you will never worry about that the high temperature will damage components on iPhone circuit board. For buying a solder iron, a 50 Watt solder iron would be a very good choice.

2. Solder Paste: Solder paste is one of the most important tool for iPhone soldering repairs, it’s used for connecting the surface mount components to pads on the iPhone circuit board. So, it helps a lot when sticking the electronic components or solder balls on the mounted area

3. Solder Wick: Solder wick help to remove the residuals and lead on iPhone logic board surface. It often works with a solder iron.

4. Jumper Wire: Jumper wire is the common assistant used for short connecting components on iPhone circuit board, if there is any circuit being short, a jumper wire would be the best solution.

5. iPhone PCB Holder: It would be the first level tool to begin iPhone motherboard repairs, there are lots of different high temperature resistant iPhone PCB repair holder in the market you can choose, some of them can be compatible with all iPhone models, that would be a better choice.

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Steps for iPhone motherboard soldering repair:

1. Adjust soldering station or soldering iron to proper temperature.

2. Put iPhone motherboard on the right iPhone PCB repair holder.

3. Put the solder wire and the iron tip at the point you need to repair. The solder should be bright and good shape. Of course, if you use lead-free solder, then even if the welding is correct, the welding will not shine.


1.Melt enough solder at the junction. Make sure there are no bridges.

2.Don’t touch the PCB track too long with hot iron. Once the solder is melted, remove the iron immediately.

3. Use wet sponge to clean the iron head after using the soldering iron. It prevents oxidation of the tip and prolongs its service life.

4. For your safety, it’s better to place the iron on the holder.