What's The New Feature LEISTO T12-11 Lead Free Soldering Station?

It is saying "twice the result with half the effort ", usig an power full repair Soldering Station makes your fixing more efficiency and more safe. Lead Free Is advocated by soldering station maintenance. T12-11 Soldering Station is the Lead Free, high-accuracy Temperature, Adjustable Constant-Temperature and Anti-static Soldering Station. Digital Intelligent T12-11 is used for welding wire and electronic components on cell phone logic board LEISTO T12-11 phone repair digital intelligent lead-free soldering station with 3pcs Soldering Iron Tip, Mobile phone soldering iron Option AC 220V / 110V input, English language display, professional phone PCB soldering repair tool Temperature rise to 350℃ in fast speed, just need "3 seconds", you can change the different soldering irons when it is hot-pluggable status, Easy to use

LEISTO T12-11 Feature:

1: just need 3 seconds, you can do welding work

2: Sleep function, Energy saving 30%-70%, don't need add tin to protect solder

3: Independent intelligent temperature control system and heating system, heat transfer efficiency increased by 30%.

Continuous welding of five solder joints, the maximum loss of temperature less than 25℃.

4: high efficiency anti-static function, electromagnetic shielding function, can be free to deal with all the electronic

components of the special requirements

5: the welding speed is improved, and the production efficiency is improved 30%-50%

6: lower temperature welding, below 50-100 ℃ than other welding tools, it is not easy to burn the bad components and circuit boards.

7: low temperature welding plus sleep technology, the integration of welding nozzle long life

8: The working life is 1-2 times of others tool