How to use WOYO PDR007 car dent repair tool?

If you want find a good car dent repair tool, we think WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair is the best device, WOYO PDR007 car body repair is a good tool to save much time when you repair your car body. it can fix any metal surfaces' dents in 20 second, very easy to using and learning.

How to use WOYO PDR007 car dent repair tool?

Incorrect operation:

While in use, don't press hard to avoid worsening the dent.
Don't start operation from the center of dent
Don't opera in a slide way
Don't work on a same dent too long
While in use, don't touch the dent to avoid burns
Make sure there is no air gap between repair head and auto body during operation

Note before Operation:

1. Do not use this device in patients with pacemakers and various metal prostheses.
2. Before using the equipment, please wear a protective mask, protective gloves and overalls to prevent burns in operation.
3. Do not wear any metal items such as watches, necklaces, keys, belt buckles, coins, zippers, etc..
4. The equipment shall not be used in conductive dust, spray working area, chemical fuel working area, high temperature zone and high humidity area.
5. When the device is powered on, no combustible material can be placed next to it.
6. Before using the equipment, please have a fire extinguisher in case of improper operation.
7. Do not have to install airbags in the vicinity of the use of this tool.
8. If the device is connected to the power supply, it is necessary to guard the equipment. Unplug the AC power outlet when not in use.
9. Equipment storage, the temperature should be maintained at 0~50℃, when the mobile device to avoid vibration.

Note in Operation:

1. Repair the head in the repair of damaged body process, repair the head and body temperature will rise rapidly, in the equipment, body, repair head without cooling, please do not touch, so as not to burn.
2. Repair head in the repair process, repair of head and body temperature will rise rapidly, single damaged parts do not for a long time operation (every 1~15 seconds after the operation with a wet towel repeatedly wipe the damaged parts of the cooling), high temperature paint to avoid hurting.
3. Repair process, repair the head and body temperature will rise rapidly, the car experience a moment of weak softening, during the repair of the head do not have to press the action, so as not to soften the moment caused by the increase in depression.