UP-828P Series High speed universal programmer Free Software Download

As we know, UP-828P universal Programmer supporting a growing number mobile device memory chips. UP-828P High speed universal programmer with full UP-828P software can work with up-828p adapters. Nandrepair UP-828P Series High speed universal programmer Free Software Download.

UP-828P Series High speed universal programmer UP-828P Download Software Free:



Nandrepair.com UP-828P Ultra Programmer features:

1. UP-828P Ultra Programmer supports the newest types of FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, MoviNAND, iNAND, eMMC etc in addition, the BOOT area of iNAND, eMMC and MoviNAND can be read and written.

2. The EMMC ‘s read/write speeds can reach to 20MByte/sec.

3. Support 48MHz read and write pulse, the highest support speed of read and write close to the limits of devices. Program + Verify one 1Gb NAND FLASH only in 34 seconds, program + Verify one 8Mb FLASH only in 4 seconds.

4. 110 pins universal driving, Support VCC of devices from 1.2V to 5V.

5. Auto-test short circuit or bad contact of devices, with intuitionist graphics Real-time detection of short circuit or bad contacting of devices, Guarantee the safety and quality of programming device.

6. Program interface is simple, the device operation unified, different devices configuration and set option use uniform window entrance; especially designed for mass production compact interface, even front-line workers can easily using it freely.

7. Simple operation, accessible, general device programed only need to set program options and device configuration, operation can be carried out simply, and flow is clear, don’t need a lot of training can be easy to get started.

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